Lessons in the Park

Ray and I went to a park with our daughter Bethany and her family on Saturday. It was frigid, rainy, and wonderful. In the park, cool spring water flows from a cave into a large, clear, pebble-bottomed pool. Trout swim beneath the surface, . . . . . . and ducks swim on top. On […]

Rearing Can-Do Kids

My mother used to tell me: “Can’t never could do anything.” It was not just a saying with her either. She lived it. It went like this: “Can you hem these fifty pairs of pants for the veterans’ hospital — today?” “Sure. I’ll do that.” “Can you make custom tablecloths for the church fellowship hall?” […]


Listening is a precious gift that one person can give to another. Listening says, “You matter. What you say is important. I care about your story. I care about what you feel. I care about what has happened to you. I care about your fears, your goals, and your longings. I care about your joys […]