A Trip to the Swiss Alps

My introduction to Heidi happened on the wooden console television set in our living room when I was a little girl. Several times a year, one of Nashville’s four television stations played Shirley Temple movies early Sunday morning. I liked to watch them before Sunday School. One of the ones I saw was Heidi. By then […]

“Good Raisin'”

Ray and I spent nine twelve-hour days with our sound engineer Lee and one twelve-hour day and an evening with his assistant while recording two sets of curriculum. We recorded for three days in February, four days week before last, and three days plus an evening last week. I know twelve-hour days sound grueling, but […]

Like Father, Like Son

Ray and I spent last Tuesday through Friday finishing up our recordings of Exploring America and From Adam to Us. The sound engineering process continues and the proof-listening begins, but those are jobs for other folks. As Ray and I waited for the elevator back at our hotel Friday night, I glanced down at my room […]