Simple Summer Pleasures

On a recent cool summer evening, Ray, Mother, and I joined one of our daughters and her family at a nearby park. I loved the girls-against-the-boys paddle boat race, sliding down the slide with our grandchildren and the talkative four-year-old who befriended us on the playground, and eating grilled hotdogs and kettle chips at the […]

Needing and Being Needed

I admire the commitment our daughter Bethany and her husband have made to nurturing friendships with college students. She often shares their stories with me. Recently she told me about the close relationship between one of these young men (I’ll call him Michael) and his grandmother whom he greatly admires. Each Sunday and Wednesday Michael’s grandmother fixes a meal for […]

The Gift of Gumption

When you think about what you want to teach your children, don’t forget about good ole gumption. By gumption I don’t mean Merriam Webster’s first definition of “common sense,” but the second: initiative and enterprise. Think of ole Noah Webster himself. There was a man with gumption. He created a dictionary all by himself — before […]