Mamas with More Power Than Anyone Else in the World

Ray got a request this week from his graduate school. One of his long-retired professors there is having a special birthday. The director of advancement is asking the professor’s one-time students each to make a 15-second video greeting for him. On March 13, Dr. Lewis turns 99. Ray and I have deep respect for this godly […]

A Five-Letter Description of Homeschool Success

Ray and I well remember a scary Wednesday night in 1991. As our church gathered for Wednesday night Bible study, foremost in our minds was the announcement that President George Herbert Walker Bush had initiated Operation Desert Storm to free the country of Kuwait from invading Iraqi forces. We soon learned that Ray’s brother Alan […]

Encouraged Mamas Encourage Their Children

As I mentioned last week, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library displays many quotes of Reagan’s hopeful encouragements. I mentioned the one which is seen above these bronze statues of the President and First Lady near the entrance: It’s hard to read in the photo, but it says: America’s best days are yet to come. Our proudest […]

One Secret of “The Great Communicator”

One appropriate nickname for President Ronald Reagan is “The Great Communicator.” He gave his first speech at Eureka College during his freshman year. When the college president announced cuts in classes, lay-offs for professors, and other money-saving efforts, Ronald Reagan’s classmates chose him to make a speech in protest. His speech was successful. Reagan later […]