Jesus Cares When I’m Tired

Several decades ago, when Ray was a campus minister in Oxford, Mississippi, our minister’s wife Joyce gave me this little gray ceramic mouse as a Christmas present. Joyce said it reminded her of me at Christmas. I do love Christmas and tend to overdo it. When I was a young mother, my friend Christine used to say […]

Keeping a Promise

On Veterans Day in 2014, our dear friend Miss Joy performed “The Old Ragged Flag” as she had so many times before. She was less than one month shy of her 100th birthday. As I enjoyed the program that day, I snapped this picture of the veteran in front of me. I’ll call him Mr. Charles. […]

The Wiggly Girl Who Became a World-Renowned Choreographer

England’s Dame Gillian Lynne has enjoyed a 70-plus year career as a dancer, choreographer, director, writer, and more, but she was once a wiggly student whose school sent a note home to her parents saying they thought she had a learning disorder. In an October 4, 2014 National Public Radio interview, Dame Gillian remembered the teachers’ words: “Her attention […]

Love Without Limit

Yesterday I wrote about Ray finding a show for Mother to watch during Thanksgiving weekend. That search was one of many searches he does to find entertainment for my mama. Ray is amazing. If there were a definition for amazing son-in-law in an illustrated dictionary, Ray’s picture would be the illustration. One of the many ways […]