A Canadian Woman Who Served

Yesterday morning Ray and I gathered with other members of the Nashville, Tennessee-based, Timothé de Montbrun Heritage Society at the Maison de Mère d’Youville (Museum of Maguerite d’Youville) for our first activity in Boucherville, Quebec. Like my ancestor Timothy Demonbruen (names and other words were spelled in a variety of ways in early American and Canadian […]

Family Bonds

As we planned our route to Montreal, I noticed that the city of Akron, Ohio, was along our route. “I think that’s where Daddy’s cousin Mottie lives,” I told Ray. I texted my Aunt Emily to be sure and she sent me his address and phone numbers. I have heard about Mottie Boyd all my life […]

Lois Lenski, Children’s Author

One of my favorite memories of our homeschool years was the year we studied regions of America. That’s when I discovered old and frayed hardcover editons of Lois Lenski’s regional fiction books in the Urbana Free Library. I guess the most famous of Lenski’s regional books is Strawberry Girl, which won the Newbery Medal in 1946. […]

Glowing with Joy

Mother and I got to visit with her younger brother Joel and his wife on Wednesday. My Uncle Joel has been disabled since he was fifty years old, when a series of heart attacks left him with heart function at about 25 percent. He hasn’t been able to work at a job since then, but he has […]