An OK Story

The abbreviation “OK” is one we use again and again. “You OK?” we ask our children when they take a tumble, our husbands when they are late getting home, and our friends when they look down in the dumps. With texting, it’s gotten even shorter. “K,” our friend texts when we let her know we are running a little late. As […]

Wandering the Halls of Power

When you’re driving from Canada to Tennessee, naturally you find historic sites to see on the way home — at least that’s what Ray and I think. We arrived at the New York state capitol after the tours were over for the day; but since it stays open into the evening, we went inside. The security guard […]

“I Will Lift Up My Eyes to the Mountains”

The largest publicly-protected area in the lower 48 states is in an unlikely location — the state of New York. In 1892 the state legislature set aside the Adirondack Forest Preserve, stating that it would be “forever kept as wild forest lands.” In his 1917 publication, The Adirondacks, T. Morris Longstreth wrote that two years later a popular […]

Almanzo Wilder, Mr. Wilder, and the County Fair

Malone, New York, had already been incorporated for 55 years when Almanzo Wilder was born in 1857. Today Malone has almost 6,000 residents. Ray and I spent the night there the night before we visited Almanzo’s childhood home. On our way to the homestead, we passed the county fairgrounds in Malone, which is in Franklin […]