A Once in 350 Years Opportunity

French carpenter Gaspard Boucher of the town Mortagne in the province of Perche landed in Quebec in 1634 or 1635. His oldest son Pierre was thirteen. Gaspard worked for Jesuits on their farm at Notre-Dame-des-Anges. Pierre received his education from the Jesuits. When Pierre was fifteen years old, he went to live with the Jesuits […]

What We Found Beyond the Gate

When we caught sight of the parliament building in Quebec City and saw a plywood construction barrier surrounding it, I had a sinking realization. “I’m not going to see that statue,” I told Ray. When we went inside to join a tour of the building, I told our guide about my ancestry and asked if there was […]

Sharing the Voyage of Life

When European settlers came to make homes in North America, different European countries concentrated in certain areas. The English settled along the Atlantic Ocean, the Spanish went south and to the southwest, and the French went inland on the St. Lawrence to what is now Quebec. Samuel de Champlain is considered the founder of New France. […]

When Field Trips Don’t Turn Out Quite As You Planned

Field trips far and near were a favorite part of our homeschooling experience. In 1995 we decided to take our children to Washington, D.C. Preparing for a trip like that was different in those days before the Internet was common and affordable. We made plans the old fashioned way. We wrote a letter to our representative […]