Making a Home

Ida Eisenhower created a beautiful home for her family. She was a good seamstress. We have already seen the pillow on which she embroidered her sons’ names. She painted this picture which hangs in the hall. It reads, “Call Again.” Ida Eisenhower decorated with plants, dishes, and doilies, all popular decorative items of the day. […]

Family Time Eisenhower Style

The small back parlor was the heart of David and Ida Eisenhower’s home. On one wall was Ida’s piano. Before she married, Ida inherited $1000 dollars. She spent $600 of her inheritance for a custom-built piano. Before dropping out of college to marry David, Ida had intended to be a music teacher. She taught all of her […]

A Man, a Woman, and Joyous Acceptance

As I mentioned in the Tender Teddy post more than a year ago, in President Theodore Roosevelt’s autobiography, he wrote about the virtues necessary for a nation. He said: “. . . these virtues are as dust on a windy street unless back of them lie the strong and tender virtues of a family life based […]

A Visit Home to See Mama

Learning how other mamas have lived with their families gives us at least two types of lessons. Sometimes we learn new ideas to try with our own families, and sometimes we receive warnings about what to resist at all costs. We can always find mamas whom we believe do a better job than we do, and other […]

A President’s Prayer

Five years after President Dwight David Eisenhower left the presidency, he and his wife Mamie came to his hometown of Abilene, Kansas, to dedicate the Place of Meditation, one of five public buildings on the grounds of the Dwight David Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home. The exterior of the building not only stands on Kansan […]