A Window Into Our Homeschool

Once upon a time, I was a frazzled, worried, weeping homeschooling mama — so frazzled and worried and weeping that we did what would be unthinkable to me now. We quit homeschooling — for two whole years. I regret it. I grieve the loss of those two years. We would never make that decision again, but in my […]

A Simple Way to Teach Writing

Our Mary Evelyn is a writer. Yesterday I told you about the new edition of her book Katy. Tomorrow we are scheduled to release its sequel, Katy’s Box, the sweet story about Katy’s family’s first year of homeschooling. Every homeschooling mama can identify with Katy’s mom, Eva Porter. She wants to do a good job. She tries so […]

Thank You for Homeschooling Your Children

I’ve seen eagles near our home twice. The first time was several years ago while I was driving home from church on a Sunday when Ray had been under the weather and had stayed at home. As I drove along, I noticed something unusual sitting on a tree branch that hung over the road. When I got close, […]

An Affectionate Family

As I continue to study how Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt reared their children and homeschooled them, I keep finding more to emulate. I believe that their story can have a powerful impact in the lives of homeschooling families today. It can help them to say no to the pressure to recreate school and instead to become an affectionate family […]

Faithful, Diligent, Lifestyle Learners

The homeschooling style of Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt can be summed up in four words. Faithful, Diligent, Lifestyle Learners Today I invite you to learn what that looked like through the words of two of their children — their older son Theodore Jr., who grew up to be President of the United States, and their younger daughter Corinne. His words […]