Naughty or Nice?

When one of our grandsons was almost three, he loved to hear himself say, “Naughty, naughty, naughty.” He used those words to tell his opinion about things that happened in his little world. One day I asked him if he was ever naughty. He answered that he was. I asked if his then-five-year-old sister was ever naughty. He said that […]

Spunk and Tenacity

Ray gave me an early birthday present in November — a trip to see Riders in the Sky perform in Nashville. The group had celebrated an anniversary the night before — 40 years of traveling around the country, dressing up in cowboy costumes, and singing cowboy songs. Ranger Doug and Too Slim have been in Riders in […]

Jesus Cares When I’m Tired

Several decades ago, when Ray was a campus minister in Oxford, Mississippi, our minister’s wife Joyce gave me this little gray ceramic mouse as a Christmas present. Joyce said it reminded her of me at Christmas. I do love Christmas and tend to overdo it. When I was a young mother, my friend Christine used to say […]

Married Parents — A Gift God Gave to Children

Many months ago, I met a hotel clerk while we were staying out of town. As mothers love to do, she told me about her three-month-old baby. Then she said that she also has a four-year-old, a three-year-old, and a one-year-old, and that her hands are full! Well, that goes without saying! Then she mentioned that the […]

Thank You for Homeschooling Your Children

I’ve seen eagles near our home twice. The first time was several years ago while I was driving home from church on a Sunday when Ray had been under the weather and had stayed at home. As I drove along, I noticed something unusual sitting on a tree branch that hung over the road. When I got close, […]