The Story of Jane

I’ve made up a little story for today, but I’m a bit afraid to share it. Having met several of you over the last several weeks and having heard your stories and questions, I don’t want you to recognize yourself in this story and get embarrassed or think I am condemning you. I love each […]

Wholesome Words and Unwholesome Words

Ray and I continued recording Exploring America and From Adam to Us from Tuesday morning through Friday night. When we recorded back in February, the studio was peaceful and quiet. This time it was abuzz with activity. Performers and technicians and interns were all over the place. The first time we recorded, I was impressed […]

Caring and Thinking and Planning and Working

Ray and I are busy in Nashville today. We are both reading into a microphone at a sound studio. Because this session is twelve hours and because it begins at 9:00 a.m., we drove to Nashville last night. A twelve-hour day sounds grueling but it isn’t really. Ray is recording Exploring America and I’m recording From Adam to Us. He […]

Of Models and Make-Believe

When I was a girl, Mama Sue, my daddy’s mother, sometimes took me along when she went clothes shopping at Nashville’s Cain-Sloan department store for my Aunt Emily, who was just eighteen months older than I. I loved the times when Mama Sue took us all the way up to the fourth floor and treated Emily and me […]