The Wiggly Girl Who Became a World-Renowned Choreographer

England’s Dame Gillian Lynne has enjoyed a 70-plus year career as a dancer, choreographer, director, writer, and more, but she was once a wiggly student whose school sent a note home to her parents saying they thought she had a learning disorder. In an October 4, 2014 National Public Radio interview, Dame Gillian remembered the teachers’ words: “Her attention […]

The Priceless Gift of Being a Mama: Tender Comforter

I’ve seen the same sweet scenario over and over again and experienced it myself with my own children. An elderly lady reaches out longingly to hold some mama’s baby, only to have the little one bury his head in Mama’s shoulder. That’s when the elderly lady says, “Oh, he wants his mama.” Of course he […]


Every year at Christmastime, Ray and I receive a Christmas card from his English cousins, the children of Ray’s mother’s brother. Even though we have only met them once, the card is always signed with the affectionate English symbol XOXO, which stands for hugs and kisses. After all, we’re family. For some reason, I was […]

For Those Not-So-Academic Little Boys and the Big Ones, Too

Ray and I were doing the same thing yesterday morning that we have done so many mornings since we moved into this wonderful, drafty old house. We were standing on the porch talking to our latest contractor. The issue this time was our sinking kitchen. Note that I didn’t say our kitchen sink, but our […]