The Powerful Teaching Tool of Singing

My first memory of singing was in church, the little country church where at least four generations of my Daddy’s family has been laid to rest. There in the midst of the creaking, wooden, individual theater-style seats and in my basement Sunday School classroom, we sang songs of faith that still comfort my heart. Before […]

The Great Director

Last night was opening night of Street Robber, this year’s production of the Homeschool Dramatic Society. For the first time in all our practices (including dress rehearsal yesterday morning), everything came together — the lines, the music, the cues, the lights, the choreography, the maypole dance, the fight scene, the songs — everything. For the […]

From School to Pottery Shop: The Love Story of Two Artists

Lee and Pup McCarty moved to Oxford, Mississippi, in the late 1940s to study at Ole Miss. Lee planned to be a scientist, but he was also interested in art, particularly in jewelry-making. It was Pup who decided to take a pottery class, but she was afraid to go by herself, because the class met at night and […]