The Wiggly Girl Who Became a World-Renowned Choreographer

England’s Dame Gillian Lynne has enjoyed a 70-plus year career as a dancer, choreographer, director, writer, and more, but she was once a wiggly student whose school sent a note home to her parents saying they thought she had a learning disorder. In an October 4, 2014 National Public Radio interview, Dame Gillian remembered the teachers’ words: “Her attention […]

A Canadian Carol

Now it feels like Christmas because yesterday Ray and I attended the Cookeville Community Band’s Christmas concert. In my opinion, the crowning moment of their Christmas concert each year is when they play “Sleigh Ride” by Leroy Anderson. I love to listen to and watch this song played live. It is so fun to experience the percussionists mimicking […]

The Singing Grandmother

Sometimes — but not so often as to be annoying — we found ourselves clueless in Boucherville. We were clueless at those times because we were listening to someone speaking in French. A French speaker told me the other day that it takes longer to say things in French than it does in English. With a smile on my […]

“That’s music to my ears.”

“Wow, that’s music to my ears,” says the person who just got good news. “Music is the universal language,” said American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. As a young man, the future King David was a “mighty man of valor, a warrior, one prudent in speech, a handsome man, and a skillful musician.” More importantly, the […]

The Living, Breathing Human Souls in Your Care

After I got through my harrowing security experience at the Nashville airport, my friend and I left the guys waiting at the terminal while we window shopped at the airport shops. I like the Nashville airport; it is so very Nashville. Even the announcement for how to claim your baggage was recorded by a music star. I […]