The Only Salsa Dancer in a Room Full of Ballerinas

A mostly-outreach class at our church recently performed a program called “Sing the Story.” Alternating between songs and narration, three rows of children in Bible time costumes told the story of Bible history from Creation through the beginning of the church. Mason (not his real name) stood just left of center on the front row. Well, […]

An Invitation and a Promise

I don’t know about you, but I’m pooped. Yesterday was busy, busy, busy, and I haven’t caught up on my rest after the busyness of play practice and performances. I had anticipated some of the tasks I needed to do, but the day brought several that I wasn’t expecting. My guess is that many of you are […]

Getting Past Tragedy

Near Quebec City is beautiful Montmorency Falls. At 272 feet it is 99 feet taller than Niagara Falls. Nearby is elegant Manoir Montmorency restaurant, which we walked by as we hit the trail to the falls. The grounds nearby are, like so much of Quebec, beautifully landscaped. The falls were a short walk from where […]

A Once in 350 Years Opportunity

French carpenter Gaspard Boucher of the town Mortagne in the province of Perche landed in Quebec in 1634 or 1635. His oldest son Pierre was thirteen. Gaspard worked for Jesuits on their farm at Notre-Dame-des-Anges. Pierre received his education from the Jesuits. When Pierre was fifteen years old, he went to live with the Jesuits […]