Defining Life by “Can” Instead of “Can’t”

As Mother, Ray, and I prepared to attend my aunt’s funeral last week, I wondered how my aunt’s daughter — I’ll call her Susan — would handle her own husband’s care while she attended the funeral with her Daddy. Susan’s husband — I’ll call him Tom — is a disabled Vietnam veteran who is not […]

The Gift of Literacy

One of the many women I admired when Ray was campus minister in Mississippi was our preacher’s wife, Joyce Chadwell, the one who gave me my tiny tired mouse one Christmas. I recently told you that if there were a definition for amazing son-in-law in an illustrated dictionary, Ray’s picture would be the illustration. That same dictionary would have Joyce […]

The Older Woman Who Taught the Younger One

My Aunt Nan was one of the women who taught me how to be a woman. To me she was the ideal homemaker. Her home was beautiful. My Aunt Nan sewed beautifully. She cooked amazingly. Her garden was bountiful, and she canned and froze its produce to feed her family for the winter. She was […]

You Look Well to the Ways of Your Household

In 1892 twelve-year-old Catherine Evans of tiny Reo, Georgia, saw a family heirloom bedspread while visiting a relative. She thought that the bedspread, handmade by candlewicking, was so beautiful that she decided she would make one some day. Three years later, she did. However, Catherine invented her own variation of candlewicking. Her method came to be called tufting. Catherine […]