Defining Life by “Can” Instead of “Can’t”

As Mother, Ray, and I prepared to attend my aunt’s funeral last week, I wondered how my aunt’s daughter — I’ll call her Susan — would handle her own husband’s care while she attended the funeral with her Daddy. Susan’s husband — I’ll call him Tom — is a disabled Vietnam veteran who is not […]

Keeping a Promise

On Veterans Day in 2014, our dear friend Miss Joy performed “The Ragged Old Flag” as she had so many times before. She was less than one month shy of her 100th birthday. As I enjoyed the program that day, I snapped this picture of the veteran in front of me. I’ll call him Mr. Charles. […]

An Affectionate Family

As I continue to study how Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt reared their children and homeschooled them, I keep finding more to emulate. I believe that their story can have a powerful impact in the lives of homeschooling families today. It can help them to say no to the pressure to recreate school and instead to become an affectionate family […]

Faithful, Diligent, Lifestyle Learners

The homeschooling style of Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt can be summed up in four words. Faithful, Diligent, Lifestyle Learners Today I invite you to learn what that looked like through the words of two of their children — their older son Theodore Jr., who grew up to be President of the United States, and their younger daughter Corinne. His words […]