Almanzo Wilder, Mr. Wilder, and the County Fair

Malone, New York, had already been incorporated for 55 years when Almanzo Wilder was born in 1857. Today Malone has almost 6,000 residents. Ray and I spent the night there the night before we visited Almanzo’s childhood home. On our way to the homestead, we passed the county fairgrounds in Malone, which is in Franklin […]

Don’t Forget

When the Israelites got ready to cross the Jordan River to go into the Promised Land, God parted its waters, just as He had parted the Red Sea. The Israelites walked across and the ark of the covenant was carried across on dry ground. God told the Israelites to collect twelve stones out of the […]

Glowing with Joy

Mother and I got to visit with her younger brother Joel and his wife on Wednesday. My Uncle Joel has been disabled since he was fifty years old, when a series of heart attacks left him with heart function at about 25 percent. He hasn’t been able to work at a job since then, but he has […]

The Shoe Salesman

Ray and I were in Chattanooga recently for our last homeschool conference of the 2017 season. I loved meeting several of you there. On Friday night, we took advantage of being in the “big city” and shopped for shoes for Ray. The small, elderly man who waited on us seemed at first to be much too old to be working the […]

Love, Believe, Smile, Pray — and Keep Your Eyes Off the Kangaroos!

Welcome to the first day of During Celebrate Homeschoolers Week, I plan to send you a video post and a free printable each day. Those of you who had rather read today’s message than watch a video can find a print version below.   Click the button below to download a printable prayer reminder. Use […]