Family Time Eisenhower Style

The small back parlor was the heart of David and Ida Eisenhower’s home. On one wall was Ida’s piano. Before she married, Ida inherited $1000 dollars. She spent $600 of her inheritance for a custom-built piano. Before dropping out of college to marry David, Ida had intended to be a music teacher. She taught all of her […]

A President’s Prayer

Five years after President Dwight David Eisenhower left the presidency, he and his wife Mamie came to his hometown of Abilene, Kansas, to dedicate the Place of Meditation, one of five public buildings on the grounds of the Dwight David Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home. The exterior of the building not only stands on Kansan […]

One Secret of “The Great Communicator”

One appropriate nickname for President Ronald Reagan is “The Great Communicator.” He gave his first speech at Eureka College during his freshman year. When the college president announced cuts in classes, lay-offs for professors, and other money-saving efforts, Ronald Reagan’s classmates chose him to make a speech in protest. His speech was successful. Reagan later […]

Legacy of an Optimistic Mama

This past Friday Ray and I, along with our co-worker Donna, toured the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. There we interviewed Anthony Pennay, the library’s Chief Learning Officer, in order to make a video in our continuing series of Notgrass History Takes You There episodes. The library displays many quotes of Ronald Reagan’s hopeful encouragements. The […]

Credit Where Credit Is Due

When our family lived in Illinois, we shared happy times with friends Alan and Barb. We will always be grateful for the time he encouraged us in a way that only he could when things were tough. Alan made everything all right again. They’re that kind of people. Now in the 25th year since we left, we […]