An Affectionate Family

As I continue to study how Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt reared their children and homeschooled them, I keep finding more to emulate. I believe that their story can have a powerful impact in the lives of homeschooling families today. It can help them to say no to the pressure to recreate school and instead to become an affectionate family […]

Faithful, Diligent, Lifestyle Learners

The homeschooling style of Theodore and Mittie Roosevelt can be summed up in four words. Faithful, Diligent, Lifestyle Learners Today I invite you to learn what that looked like through the words of two of their children — their older son Theodore Jr., who grew up to be President of the United States, and their younger daughter Corinne. His words […]

My Brother, Theodore Roosevelt

I adore my brother, Steve. He is my only sibling. I remember the day he was born. When Daddy pushed me in a park swing, Steve was in the next swing down. When I was sleeping in the front seat of our Volkswagen bus on family vacation, Steve was sleeping in the cargo area in […]

Encouraging News from Kansas

As Ray and I drove west through Kansas on our way to Colorado, we veered off our disciplined schedule when we hit Topeka. There seems to be a magnet in our vehicle when we see a state capitol. Somehow we tend to end up inside. Kansas is another state with an especially beautiful state capitol. We didn’t give ourselves […]

Almanzo Wilder, Mr. Wilder, and the County Fair

Malone, New York, had already been incorporated for 55 years when Almanzo Wilder was born in 1857. Today Malone has almost 6,000 residents. Ray and I spent the night there the night before we visited Almanzo’s childhood home. On our way to the homestead, we passed the county fairgrounds in Malone, which is in Franklin […]