What you are doing is near to God’s heart.

When Franklin Roosevelt became president in the midst of the Great Depression, he led the federal government in starting program after program, many of which were called by their initials, such as TVA, CCC, WPA . . . . With all these initials, people started calling his efforts an “alphabet soup” of Federal agencies. Artists […]

“Good Raisin'”

Ray and I spent nine twelve-hour days with our sound engineer Lee and one twelve-hour day and an evening with his assistant while recording two sets of curriculum. We recorded for three days in February, four days week before last, and three days plus an evening last week. I know twelve-hour days sound grueling, but […]

Literally Eternally Grateful

My mama, daddy, younger brother, and I lived in downtown Ashland City with my granddaddy’s grocery store beyond my backyard and a parking lot out our backdoor, my elementary school in sight in the distance to the left of my house, and our congregation’s building catty cornered across the street from my front yard. Church […]

I like to be told.

“Silence is golden . . . ” sang the Four Seasons on the B-side of their hit single, “Rag Doll,” released in 1964, the same year that the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. The song is early 60’s rock ‘n roll; so naturally, it’s a love song. I’ve never remembered the verses, but […]