Don’t Forget

When the Israelites got ready to cross the Jordan River to go into the Promised Land, God parted its waters, just as He had parted the Red Sea. The Israelites walked across and the ark of the covenant was carried across on dry ground. God told the Israelites to collect twelve stones out of the […]

The Singing Grandmother

Sometimes — but not so often as to be annoying — we found ourselves clueless in Boucherville. We were clueless at those times because we were listening to someone speaking in French. A French speaker told me the other day that it takes longer to say things in French than it does in English. With a smile on my […]

Family Bonds

As we planned our route to Montreal, I noticed that the city of Akron, Ohio, was along our route. “I think that’s where Daddy’s cousin Mottie lives,” I told Ray. I texted my Aunt Emily to be sure and she sent me his address and phone numbers. I have heard about Mottie Boyd all my life […]

The Opposites

A memory game in a tattered pink box lies with other games in a drawer of my grandmother’s chifferobe in our living room. The game is called Match the Opposites. I ordered it from the Current catalog back in the 1980s, long before anyone ever heard of ordering online. Instead of the typical memory game where players […]

Love, Believe, Smile, Pray — and Keep Your Eyes Off the Kangaroos!

Welcome to the first day of During Celebrate Homeschoolers Week, I plan to send you a video post and a free printable each day. Those of you who had rather read today’s message than watch a video can find a print version below.   Click the button below to download a printable prayer reminder. Use […]