The Gift of a Family Story

When I was very little, Daddy borrowed his daddy’s truck on Sunday afternoons to take Mother, me, and eventually my brother Steve, who was born almost three years after I was, to visit Mother’s parents in nearby Springfield. That practice continued after we got our own family car, a used green Chrysler. After our trips to […]

What to Do When You’re Barely Hanging On

On a recent Wednesday, the topic of our morning women’s Bible class was assurance, hope, and faith. At the end of class, our teacher went around the room, asking individual women what they do when they need assurance. Each of these women has decades of experience, along with the resulting wisdom of women who have walked faithfully. […]


When our grandchildren and I were out in the snow the other day, our granddaughter wrote her name in the snow. Naturally, I walked over to take a picture. Then she told me, “I wrote yours over there.” My heart was happy when I found Little written by her gloved hand, even though only the “Litt” was still […]

Our Parents Get Smarter the Older We Get

Of course, there are exceptions, but I think for most of us the statement is true: our parents get smarter the older we get. It’s true for two reasons: The older our parents get the more experiences they have behind them, and wisdom is the result for those who pay attention. The older we get the more […]