Almanzo Wilder, Mr. Wilder, and the County Fair

Malone, New York, had already been incorporated for 55 years when Almanzo Wilder was born in 1857. Today Malone has almost 6,000 residents. Ray and I spent the night there the night before we visited Almanzo’s childhood home. On our way to the homestead, we passed the county fairgrounds in Malone, which is in Franklin […]

A Visit to Almanzo’s Home

Our family has been celebrating the life and writings of Laura Ingalls Wilder this year, the 150th anniversary of her birth. We have published a video about her life, plus several videos about places she lived. You and your family can watch those free videos, as well as other history videos, here. When Ray and I […]

Lois Lenski, Children’s Author

One of my favorite memories of our homeschool years was the year we studied regions of America. That’s when I discovered old and frayed hardcover editons of Lois Lenski’s regional fiction books in the Urbana Free Library. I guess the most famous of Lenski’s regional books is Strawberry Girl, which won the Newbery Medal in 1946. […]

Protecting Her Legacy

A highlight of any trip to the maritime provinces in eastern Canada is Prince Edward Island–one of the most beautiful places God has created on earth. This was Ray’s and my second trip to PEI. Our first was in 1999 when our family drove there for our daughter Bethany’s senior trip when she graduated from homeschool. […]

A Trip to the Swiss Alps

My introduction to Heidi happened on the wooden console television set in our living room when I was a little girl. Several times a year, one of Nashville’s four television stations played Shirley Temple movies early Sunday morning. I liked to watch them before Sunday School. One of the ones I saw was Heidi. By then […]