The city of Colorado Springs is home to 465,000 people and a surprising assortment of places to see. On a clear day, you can see snow-capped Pike’s Peak. The Air Force Academy trains cadets on the northern edge of the city. Since 1994, more than five million people have visited the Focus on the Family […]

A Life Lesson for Our Sons and Daughters

As our train through Royal Gorge neared the station in Cañon City, Colorado, Ray and I asked our tour guide what she suggested we do afterwards. We took her advice and enjoyed a wonderful afternoon — with no entrance fees. On her recommendation, we drove a short distance from the train station to Skyline Drive. The pretty […]

Lifted Fog

Ray and I awoke in our little cabin near Tupper Lake, New York. Our host encouraged us to join them in the lobby for breakfast, . . . . . . but we hurried away to see more beauties of the Adirondacks. We did eventually stop for breakfast at a place our cottage host recommended. Even […]

Simple Summer Pleasures

On a recent cool summer evening, Ray, Mother, and I joined one of our daughters and her family at a nearby park. I loved the girls-against-the-boys paddle boat race, sliding down the slide with our grandchildren and the talkative four-year-old who befriended us on the playground, and eating grilled hotdogs and kettle chips at the […]

A Tale from the Deep

God provides everything we need. Among the many resources God has supplied us are the minerals He has placed beneath the ground. Man has been using those minerals since the beginning. By the fourth chapter of Genesis, Tubal-Cain was forging instruments out of bronze and iron. For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens (He […]