Simple Summer Pleasures

On a recent cool summer evening, Ray, Mother, and I joined one of our daughters and her family at a nearby park. I loved the girls-against-the-boys paddle boat race, sliding down the slide with our grandchildren and the talkative four-year-old who befriended us on the playground, and eating grilled hotdogs and kettle chips at the […]

A Tale from the Deep

God provides everything we need. Among the many resources God has supplied us are the minerals He has placed beneath the ground. Man has been using those minerals since the beginning. By the fourth chapter of Genesis, Tubal-Cain was forging instruments out of bronze and iron. For thus says the Lord, who created the heavens (He […]

Perfectly Calm

Most nights during dinner or sometime near dinner time, our young Irish cruise ship captain spoke to us passengers over the loudspeaker. In his friendly manner, he told us about weather forecasts, problems the ship had encountered, and details about cruising on the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and later the St. Lawrence and Saguenay Rivers. […]

The Living, Breathing Human Souls in Your Care

After I got through my harrowing security experience at the Nashville airport, my friend and I left the guys waiting at the terminal while we window shopped at the airport shops. I like the Nashville airport; it is so very Nashville. Even the announcement for how to claim your baggage was recorded by a music star. I […]

Lessons in the Park

Ray and I went to a park with our daughter Bethany and her family on Saturday. It was frigid, rainy, and wonderful. In the park, cool spring water flows from a cave into a large, clear, pebble-bottomed pool. Trout swim beneath the surface, . . . . . . and ducks swim on top. On […]