Lessons in the Park

Ray and I went to a park with our daughter Bethany and her family on Saturday. It was frigid, rainy, and wonderful. In the park, cool spring water flows from a cave into a large, clear, pebble-bottomed pool. Trout swim beneath the surface, . . . . . . and ducks swim on top. On […]

Homeschool for Eternity

I have been wanting to show you a picture of the sky that was outside my window the other afternoon, but I kept telling myself that I have shown you pictures of the sky in that spot again and again. However, last night when I settled down to write to you, I realized that it is […]

Winter Walks

Winter is a great time for mamas and children and families to take walks in God’s world. While I love our green Tennessee hills in the summertime, when the leaves are gone, I can see things that were hidden from view a few months before. In winter, when the snow falls to the ground, it […]

A Day the Lord Made

Sunday was our scheduled day to enjoy God’s creation in the Black Hills. On our way to church, we drove the Iron Mountain Road. This is one of its three tunnels, built especially to frame the Shrine of Democracy in the distance. During our early morning drive, we passed distant mountains decorated with lacy clouds. […]

Treasure Hunting in South Dakota

On the morning after we left the Badlands, we drove into Rapid City to spend the day with Mary Evelyn’s friend from Wyoming and her new husband. Our first stop was Prairie Edge Trading Company and Galleries, a beautiful gift shop filled with Native American art and a surprising balcony room filled with more beads than […]