About Charlene

Hi, I’m Charlene Notgrass, and I am a very unlikely blogger. I’ve finally learned how not to accidentally call people on my smartphone (one of my friends told me that she has overheard some very interesting conversations when I didn’t even know I had called anybody).

I was born a long time before you, way back in 1953. One time a good friend wanted to know the identity of the mystery couple he saw pictured in our house. I think he was a bit embarrassed when I told him it was Ray and me. I guess we have changed some since 1974!

I loved my many years of homeschooling — once how I learned how to make homeschooling who I was instead of something I carried around like a big, heavy burden  every day — and which I cried about too often.

God is my precious Father. He gives me grace through Jesus every day. I need it because I am not like Mary Poppins (“practically perfect in every way”), but much more like Jo in Little Women (“hopelessly flawed”). I’m thankful for my life. I love to work with my family and with our good friends Josh, Titus, Donna, and Phil in the Notgrass Company. It’s like a dream come true. I am happy when I am researching and writing homeschool curriculum. Ray and I like traveling for our company, visiting historic sites, and just being together, but our very favorite thing is spending time with our children, their spouses, and our grandchildren. Sometime when you have a couple of days, let me show you pictures of Clara, Henry, Eva, Wesley, Toby , Maria, and Peter!

My life has had abundant blessings and abundant trials I never could have borne alone, especially the loss in 2012 of our first grandson Avery, when he was just sixteen months old. God has loved me too much to give me a life without heartaches.  He has proved Himself to be the God of all comfort. He has used my heartaches to teach me humility and compassion. From the lessons God has taught me, I offer you daily encouragement.

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