“Cooking and stewing are not all we’re doing.”

My message today is a simple one — simple to talk about; not so simple to carry out. I know that your commitment to homeschooling sometimes — or maybe lots or most or all of the time — pulls you away from the need to do homemaking. Maybe seeing this Notgrass History video we made last […]

Tender Teddy

For the last few days, I have been working on a new presentation for homeschooling parents. The title is: “Homeschooling — The Making of Teddy Roosevelt.” I am scheduled to present it at 10:00 a.m. this Saturday at the Great Homeschool Convention in Fort Worth, Texas. I first became fascinated with our 26th president when […]

Hands On and Hands Up Parenting

A mother of grown children talked to me recently about physical parenting and spiritual parenting. Though her days of physically parenting her children (fixing their meals, washing their clothes, putting bandages on their knees and such) is behind her, spiritual parenting is becoming increasingly important. By spiritual parenting, she meant praying for her children. I […]

Teeth Marks

Our youngest grandson is like most little guys his age. At eight months old, he spends a lot of time reaching for something to put in his mouth. I especially remember this stage with our daughter Bethany. Add-a-bead necklaces were the fashion when she was a baby. Mine was gold with about five little round gold beads. […]