Respect for the God of Creation

Almost as soon as Mike Pence became the vice presidential pick of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, news stories began to condemn him. Hearing about their condemnations didn’t surprise to me. Unfortunately, that is common practice. What surprised me was one of the reasons: Mike Pence believes that God created the world. Personally, I was grateful when I […]

The Perfect Parent

This parent has always loved each child without wavering. This parent has provided for each child with generosity. This parent has always disciplined perfectly, knowing what was appropriate and carrying it out with just the right attitude at just the right moment and in just the right way. This parent has recognized the unique qualities of each […]

Favorite War?

On a recent Sunday afternoon Ray and I stopped at a restaurant in Cookeville, Tennessee, as we made our way home after a trip out of town. Because our schedule was packed that day, I took Ray’s big blue plastic portfolio inside with me. While we waited for our food, I got a head start on the […]

Looking on the Bright Side

On March 30, 1981, Ronald Reagan put on a new blue suit and left the White House for a speaking engagement across town. He didn’t wear a bullet-proof vest that day because his schedule included only a brief time in a situation where he was considered to be vulnerable. Then the unthinkable happened. A mentally-ill man fired […]

The Best Childhood

At the convention in Chattanooga last weekend,  I visited with a homeschooling mama I have known for many years. I’ll call her Dee. Since she’s a mama and I’m a mama, naturally we told stories about our families. I loved this one of Dee’s: Once, when some of Dee’s adult children were back home for a visit, they gathered to […]