The Choice We All Have

In Act III of Street Robber: The Story of George Müller and His Orphans, Arthur, Emma, and another orphan girl witness a heart-rending event in the life of Charlie. George walks into the dining hall and tells the three children standing there that it is a sad day. Though Charlie has lived there for some time […]

Stick with Him and teach your kids to stick with Him, too.

In scene three of Act II, Mr. Müller comes by a math class to see how Charlie is doing. He’s belligerent, as always, but the audience gets to look in on a math class (sung, of course, since this is a musical, after all). After the teacher and all the children in class perform “Add […]

Choose Life . . . You and Your Descendants

Act II opens with George Müller at his desk in the new Orphan House. A Bristol seamstress visits him to see how she might find a home for the street robber Charlie, whom the constable is constantly chasing about town. George gives her an application. To her great surprise, she learns that the Orphan House […]

Trust: From My Hands to God’s Hands

Playgoers met a very young George Müller in Germany (which was simply a spotlight in front of the scarlet grand drape) as his father confronted him about stealing money from his desk. Young George’s loud protests ended only after the elder Müller found the money in his son’s shoe. Mr. Müller told George then that he would never amount to anything if he didn’t […]

A Tiring, Rewarding, Challenging, Uplifting Adventure

The Homeschool Dramatic Society’s run of Street Robber closed Saturday night after its closing performance to HDS’s first-ever sold out crowd! Afterwards, Mary Evelyn and I continued one of our longtime traditions of getting a mama-daughter photo. My play experience each fall is a tiring, rewarding, challenging, uplifting adventure which is always punctuated with priceless encounters. One of those many […]