“Don’t fence me in.”

Americans love freedom. Actually, I think almost everybody loves freedom. Even dictators love freedom for themselves even if they don’t love it for other people. One symbol of freedom in the Old West was the open range where cattle could roam freely. However, farmers who raised crops needed fences to keep those cattle out of […]

When God Talked about Scarecrows

Perhaps my first introduction to scarecrows was the dancing scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz who longed so desperately for a brain. God talked about scarecrows once. As a loving Father, He warned the Israelites about false beliefs that could pull them away from Him. People in the cultures living around the Israelites worshiped idols, and the […]

From Fear to Peace

Friends of ours were sitting quietly in their den during a very severe storm a few weeks ago. Suddenly there was a knock at their door. Having a good idea of who it might be, they called out, “Come in!” However, when the door opened, two surprised couples looked at each other: the couple in their […]

Encouragement for All

Several weeks ago I attended a homeschooling event out of town. Those planning the event had worked hard and, naturally, they wanted many people to take advantage of the opportunities they were providing. It was one of those days when I wanted to be in two places at once. I, therefore, divided my time the […]