Open Minds

While I was chatting with a friend recently, we discussed with sadness a modern cultural phenomenon that we both believe is harmful to people, especially to children. She quoted a saying and said that she thought it was perhaps attributed to Christian author, G. K. Chesterton. I don’t remember her quote exactly, but it went something like […]

Blessing Mama and Daddy

The Eisenhower sons recognized and appreciated the love and care that their parents had given them while they were growing up. As adults they founds ways to honor their parents in tangible ways. President Eisenhower was a great fan of three presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt. He and his wife Mamie gave […]

Making a Home

Ida Eisenhower created a beautiful home for her family. She was a good seamstress. We have already seen the pillow on which she embroidered her sons’ names. She painted this picture which hangs in the hall. It reads, “Call Again.” Ida Eisenhower decorated with plants, dishes, and doilies, all popular decorative items of the day. […]