Loving His Neighbors

I have no idea what the agenda was for last month’s meeting of the Jackson County Historical Society, but elections and voting were what was on people’s minds. When Mother, Ray, and I arrived a few minutes before the 6:00 p.m. starting time, we found that we were walking into the midst of an argument about an important […]

What’s That You Said?

It’s play time again at our house – Homeschool Dramatic Society play time that is. This is the 18th time I have had the blessing of assisting our daughter Mary Evelyn in what began as a homeschool project in 1999. “Mom, can I write a play and ask homeschoolers to be in it?” “Sure, Mary […]

Giving Care to a Caregiver

Mother had a test at the hospital yesterday morning. To our surprise — and joy — she passed it perfectly. Since Ray and I had a reception we wanted to attend late in the afternoon, we made the day one of our all-day marathon errand runs in Cookeville. Some we did together. Others we divided to conquer. One of […]

Thank You for Praying

I learned some news last night that encouraged me. It’s my hope that it will encourage you, too. Mother, Ray, and I watched a live teleforum called simply “A Conversation with Ben Carson and Kirk Cameron” (I have never mentioned Kirk Cameron to you before and here I have done it twice this week!). While these […]

Parental Guidance

Parental Guidance. It’s sad that the movie industry has confiscated those two powerful words, when really they are such a blessing to every human being who has access to parents who guide. Last week a friend from college visited from Florida. As we chatted, I mentioned to her the movies that the Kendrick brothers from […]