Today is my little brother’s birthday. On this date back in 1956, Daddy, Mama, and I lived near the intersection of a state highway and an old country road in rural Cheatham County, Tennessee. Daddy Leland had recently built his modern grocery store seven miles away in Ashland City. His abandoned country store, with its gas pumps out […]

A Funny Tail

Today I’d like to share with you a funny tale about a funny tail. Whoever designed our ladies’ room at church tried to see just how many doors could fit in one ladies’ room. There is a whole lot of door opening and closing that goes on in there on a Sunday morning between Sunday School […]

One Generation, Two Generations, Three Generations, Four . . .

At the lecture last Friday night, Dr. Kiesling spoke to us about how changes in society have changed ideas about when people become adults and what adulthood means. First, he showed a photo of a family table about one hundred years ago. At the table were grandparents, parents, and children. Dr. Kiesling pointed out that once upon […]

Growing Up

Several times a year our friend Mike Poore of The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture brings speakers to nearby Cookeville, Tennessee, to deliver lectures related to how Christians can impact modern culture. Last Friday night Mike hosted Dr. Chris Kiesling of Asbury Theological Seminary for a lecture entitled “Why Young Adults Are Leaving the Church: Sources and Solutions.” On […]

Watching Mommy

Today I’d like to introduce you to a homeschooling mother I first met when she emailed me about a month ago. I’ll call her Sara. When I found out Sara was from Anchorage (her real hometown), I was sorry I hadn’t met her in person when I was there recently. In that first email, Sara introduced me to her […]

That’s My Boy!

When Granville, Tennessee, hosts its spring festival each year, shuttle buses come to town to transport many of the 8,000 attendees from the grassy parking lot outside of town. When it’s time for the fall festival in October, the buses return to shuttle the 3,000 or so who attend that event. So how does a town of three to four […]

“But we can pray here . . .”

Last Saturday night Mother, Ray, and I went to Granville with Mike, our bathroom remodeler extraordinaire, and his wife Jenny. (Our two-week bathroom project has morphed into four. It is fun having Mike and Jenny here and we’re going to miss them when it’s finished). Granville is a tiny village a few miles away from our little town of Gainesboro. […]

Wait ‘Til You Hear This!

As I mentioned yesterday, Ray earned a master’s in New Testament in the 1970s. He studied at Harding University and we continue to receive its quarterly magazine, Harding. When Ray learned a touching story in its latest issue, he shared it with me. My tender-hearted husband teared up when he proofread the Miss Ev post a few days ago and he […]


In August before Ray and I got married in December, he left Tennessee to start working on his master’s in American history at the University of Kentucky. He got involved with a church and became good friends with fellow graduate student Dr. John Peden DDS who was working on his periodontal specialty. After we married […]