My Heroines

Tomorrow marks my fourth anniversary of writing Daily Encouragement for Homeschooling Mamas. I love connecting with you each weekday. When someone says, “I read your blog,” my heart soars. Thank you for reading. I want you to know how much each of you means to me. On this day before that anniversary, I would like […]

Bible Study in High Places

Ray and I recently watched the speech by the U.S. Senate chaplain, retired Rear Admiral Barry Black, at the 2017 National Prayer Breakfast, held, as always, on the first Thursday of February in Washington, D.C. It was excellent. We also listened to statements other leaders said at the breakfast. It was especially encouraging to hear both […]

What you are doing is near to God’s heart.

When Franklin Roosevelt became president in the midst of the Great Depression, he led the federal government in starting program after program, many of which were called by their initials, such as TVA, CCC, WPA . . . . With all these initials, people started calling his efforts an “alphabet soup” of Federal agencies. Artists […]

The Story of Jane

I’ve made up a little story for today, but I’m a bit afraid to share it. Having met several of you over the last several weeks and having heard your stories and questions, I don’t want you to recognize yourself in this story and get embarrassed or think I am condemning you. I love each […]