Thanksgiving in America

Flowers for Children, published in 1845, included this song about Thanksgiving by Lydia Maria Child. In 1861, artist Alfred R. Waud sketched this Thanksgiving Day scene at an army camp. When Laura Ingalls was a girl, her family enjoyed The Youth’s Companion, which published this page for one of its issues. In 1892, Harper’s Bazar […]

Decision Dilemmas

Like you, I’m a busy little squirrel getting ready for Thanksgiving — I know the saying is really “busy little bee,” but since it’s fall, I decided we could be squirrels instead. Add to that scenario, a mini-publishing deadline–not something massive, but definitely something I wanted to finish as early as possible yesterday. I wasn’t panicking, but […]

You Are Making a Remarkable Difference in the World

In one of the photo sources I am using for From Adam to Us, I can refine my search so I don’t have to wade through all 4000-plus photos that come up when I type in “Palace of Versailles” (I  was in Paris visiting with Louis XIV yesterday). I can click a box that tells the search engine to leave […]

A Thanksgiving To-Do List

Whether traveling, hosting, driving across town to the folks’, or volunteering at a Thanksgiving outreach, most of the women I know have extra responsibilities this week that they do not have every other week of the year. Some will glide through them; others will trek step after step uphill not really sure if they can reach the […]