A Pint-Sized Day

This past Sunday and Monday we traveled home from Missouri where we had had a fun time celebrating our grandson Henry’s third birthday and holding his little brother Toby (who must have been twice the size he was a month ago). On Monday we stopped at Costco to stock up on some items we can’t get […]

The Right Place, The Right Time

Yesterday I told you about the wealthy Kirbys who do what brings wealth and prestige and the eccentric Vanderhofs who do what makes them happy while trusting the One Who takes care of the lilies of the field. After Alice Sycamore (granddaughter of Grandpa Vanderhof) falls in love with Tony Kirby, she is pretty worried […]

Rearing Children — Raising Lilies

One of my absolute favorite old black and white Jimmy Stewart movies is You Can’t Take It With You. That movie was one of the many puzzle pieces that inspired our family to start Notgrass Company when Ray and I were in our late forties. One of its many themes is this: life is too short not […]

A Mama and Her Son

Ray and I are away from home so much that if I am going to buy anything new to wear, I shop online; or I occasionally run into a store when we have a little time between this and that. You can ask me where I got something, but I might not remember. “Well . . . let me […]