When People Don’t Understand Why You Are Different

When Scene 5 opens in He is Near, Mimosa’s home village is loud and lively. It took some coaching to get our actors and actresses comfortable with that, but by opening night last Thursday, they had it. In fact, the same was true for the entire play. Whether they had to act playful or mean, thoughtful […]

You Can Plant Seeds Like Amy Carmichael

The play, “He Is Near,” performed by homeschoolers in Cookeville, Tennessee, last week told the story of Northern Ireland-born missionary Amy Carmichael and people God touched through her ministry in southern India, in particular a girl named Mimosa. The story begins in the garden at Dohnavur Fellowship, which Amy founded in 1901 when a girl named Preena, […]

An Invitation and a Promise

I don’t know about you, but I’m pooped. Yesterday was busy, busy, busy, and I haven’t caught up on my rest after the busyness of play practice and performances. I had anticipated some of the tasks I needed to do, but the day brought several that I wasn’t expecting. My guess is that many of you are […]

Good News About Homeschoolers

My heart is overflowing with gratitude this morning, as I share good news with you. We hear much bad news in the world; today I have three good news stories. Good News from Cookeville, Tennessee One hundred seventeen homeschooled students performed “He Is Near: A True Story About Amy Carmichael and the God She Shared in […]

An OK Story

The abbreviation “OK” is one we use again and again. “You OK?” we ask our children when they take a tumble, our husbands when they are late getting home, and our friends when they look down in the dumps. With texting, it’s gotten even shorter. “K,” our friend texts when we let her know we are running a little late. As […]