Grandpa Helps with School

I published my first blog post on April 29, 2013. I got my first encouraging response from Melissa (not her real name) on May 2. Many more have followed. I first met Melissa at a small homeschool event about 2001 or so, while she was still thinking about homeschooling. I eventually had the privilege of meeting, not […]


We heard a wonderful story from John yesterday. On Monday he did “One Soldier’s Story” for a group in St. Louis. This is John’s performance in which he dresses in Ray’s dad’s World War II uniform and tells his grandfather’s story in the first-person. I have probably told you about it in other posts. John illustrates “One Soldier’s Story” with […]

Mother Joy

On the twenty-third of February in 1979, I was waiting, as I had been for the last eight months–waiting to see the little joy growing inside me. I saw my obstetrician that day for one of those weekly appointments expectant mothers have during the last month before their due date. My emotions during the entire pregnancy […]

An Unwelcome Guest

Yesterday morning was our first trip to town since our icy weather started last Monday. I was surprised at how slick the roads still were and completely unprepared for what we found in town. The street in front of our church building and all of our parking places were covered with ice. Ray couldn’t get up the hill […]

The Costume Box

Ray and I have always lived near universities. Our current church is the first one we have been a part of during our entire marriage that has not had a ministry to college students. As our children were growing up, we always had friends who were in college. Because of that, our children were given […]

The Eight-Hour Phone Call

My husband is brilliant! Mother started coughing on Sunday. On Monday it sounded like it was coming from throat irritation. I gave her lots to drink and kept asking her how she was doing. Our road was in no shape to attempt a drive to the doctor and it didn’t seem necessary at that point. About 4:58 p.m., […]

Treasure Hunt

I like treasure hunts. When I walk along a park trail in the spring, I have to remind myself to look up at what is all around me at eye level, because I am so busy looking for the tiny flowers poking their heads up through the dry leaves. When Ray and I walked a trail at Denali National […]

A Beautiful Thing to Watch

For most of yesterday, I sat at my desk laying out a lesson on the Mediterranean Sea for the new middle school/junior high world history curriculum we are writing. As I looked for pictures of cork trees and orange trees in Spain, olive trees in Montenegro, and cedars in Lebanon, God decorated the world outside my window. […]

Triumphant Love

When our children were very small and we lived in Oxford, Mississippi, we came to Middle Tennessee often to see my parents and Ray’s dad and step-mom (Ray’s mother died soon after his parents’ thirtieth anniversary; he married again a few years later and they were married for twenty!). At the time Nashville, Tennessee, had a theme park […]

Once Upon a Girlhood

Kelly and Arlene are precious friends with whom we spent many happy times when we were in our twenties. Ray was as a campus minister at Ole Miss at the time. Arlene worked as a nurse. Kelly was earning his doctorate in English. I was learning how to be the mama of our firstborn. We lived in the […]