Memories That Last 2

The first to share a memory of her mother during ladies’ Bible class last Wednesday was a lady who recently turned eighty.  I will call her Jeanne. With a beautiful smile and with emotion, Jeanne said that, though her mother cared daily for a family of ten children, at holiday-time she created a beautiful table with a starched […]

Memories That Last 1

Last Wednesday morning in our ladies Bible class, we read passages about being thankful. In between the readings, I asked each lady to share memories about things they were grateful for about 1) their mothers, 2) a teacher, and 3) a person with whom they went to church. To be frank, it was an easy lesson to […]

Peaceful Tghiavniknsg

Today’s post has been simmering on the back burner of my mind for a while. I hope I get it right and that it blesses you. That is my only intention. I long to be more like Jesus. He could say a few words in a parable and every open, listening heart was blessed. I appreciate those of […]

One Bright Morning

Brrrr! It was chilly in our neck of the woods Tuesday morning. I don’t know how cold it got, but I checked the temperature a little before 6:00 p.m. Monday afternoon and it was already down to 20. I love the cold in small doses. I like to go outside in a warm coat and feel the brisk […]

Knowing Just What to Do

We had visitors today. A couple dozen sandhill cranes stopped by the field across the road. After alerting everyone in the office, I grabbed my camera and walked out into the cold morning. Sandhill squawks filled the air. I looked up and saw dozens circling overhead. I thought, “Oh, no! I’ve missed them.” But then I saw […]


Saturday morning was one of those wonderfully zoo-ey days at our house. The Project (our bathroom/laundry room/half bath transformation) was in full swing and the office was abuzz. Our regular company hours are 8:00-5:00 Monday through Friday; but with a home office, it’s not unusual for the office to have things going on at many odd […]

If you burned the toast and the pie and the roast . . .

About a year and a half ago, Nate, Mary Evelyn, Clara, Ray, and I were heading north on the back road to Cincinnati where we had booths at the Great Homeschooling Convention. Being so organized and always ahead of time (yeah, right!), I was thinking about what I was going to say in the class I was […]

Sibling Love

Around 1980 I met a baby girl with a name I had never heard before–Bethany. I thought her name was beautiful. Ray and I had decided to give each of our children a Bible name and a family name. When we had our first baby girl, we named her Bethany Kathleen–Bethany for the hometown of Jesus’ good friends, Mary, Martha, and […]