Kids Being Kids at Christmas

In the late spring and summer of 1943, Generals Dwight Eisenhower and George Patton led American soldiers as they joined with Allied forces to fight German troops, first in North Africa and then in Italy. In November U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Russian Premier Joseph Stalin met in Tehran, Iran, to […]

Fullness of Joy

Wednesday was a full day. I had more on my schedule than was actually humanly possible and scattered among that stuff were people and their stories. I’ll change their names as I tell you some of those stories. At the beginning of the day, I worked on a Christmas project and made a fruit salad to take to a Christmas luncheon. I flew […]


I have been reading a book by James S. (Jim) Woodroof. The title he (or the publisher) chose was Famous Sayings of Jesus, but it could have been called Words of Truth and Grace from the Mouth of Jesus. That would have been more descriptive. Famous Sayings of Jesus has two sections. The first is about the beatitudes Jesus taught […]

One Tear

On Saturday Ray and I took our three-year-old granddaughter Clara to nearby Granville, Tennessee, for the annual Country Christmas celebration. A twelve-member choir, all dressed in red, performed a faith-filled program in the little United Methodist Church. I like to go inside this pretty white building which is kept in pristine condition–quite a feat when the board on the wall […]

Forgetting and Remembering

I forgot to take my journal when I went to see Bethany and her family last week, and until today I hadn’t stopped to write in it since I got back; but this morning I wrote pages and pages. I really didn’t have time today, but I made myself stop and write anyway (it was so fun!). It’s […]

Devoted Mamas

When our granddaughter Eva and I went to the art show last Saturday afternoon, we visited an eclectic booth with an unusual assortment of items made from “found objects.” A candle chandelier with clear punch cups for candle holders. A birdbath made from a crystal lamp base and a crystal bowl. A tin woodman made from […]

Dinner on the Ground

My family was part of a country church when I was very young. We met in a little white building with wooden theater seats that creaked when people moved, especially us little ones. Once a year we had a “dinner on the ground.” Most people today would call it a covered dish or a potluck, but, on […]