That’s My Boy!

When Granville, Tennessee, hosts its spring festival each year, shuttle buses come to town to transport many of the 8,000 attendees from the grassy parking lot outside of town. When it’s time for the fall festival in October, the buses return to shuttle the 3,000 or so who attend that event. So how does a town of three to four […]

“But we can pray here . . .”

Last Saturday night Mother, Ray, and I went to Granville with Mike, our bathroom remodeler extraordinaire, and his wife Jenny. (Our two-week bathroom project has morphed into four. It is fun having Mike and Jenny here and we’re going to miss them when it’s finished). Granville is a tiny village a few miles away from our little town of Gainesboro. […]

Wait ‘Til You Hear This!

As I mentioned yesterday, Ray earned a master’s in New Testament in the 1970s. He studied at Harding University and we continue to receive its quarterly magazine, Harding. When Ray learned a touching story in its latest issue, he shared it with me. My tender-hearted husband teared up when he proofread the Miss Ev post a few days ago and he […]


In August before Ray and I got married in December, he left Tennessee to start working on his master’s in American history at the University of Kentucky. He got involved with a church and became good friends with fellow graduate student Dr. John Peden DDS who was working on his periodontal specialty. After we married […]

A Ceremony to Remember 2

When the soloist arrived to sing the Star Spangled Banner and Chris’ promotion ceremony began, I thought, “It was worth the wait,” because she sang our National Anthem beautifully. The brigadier general who spoke at the ceremony interviewed Chris ahead of time to learn about his career in the Army. When asked why he became an […]

A Ceremony to Remember 1

Last Friday, when I told you about Ray’s nephew receiving a high honor, I wasn’t sure whether it would be okay to tell you what that honor is. His wife Lynn checked and gave me the all-clear, so I’d like to tell you more about it. On October 10, Ray’s nephew Chris was promoted to the rank of […]

The Invitation

An important task when planning a wedding is choosing the invitation. Brides want it to look just right and feel just right. They want to send invitations to just the right people–to everyone who wants to receive one and not to anyone who is going to wonder why she got one. Ray and I got married when […]

Putting Our Heads Together Without Knocking Them Together

The bathroom remodel began with ideas texted and emailed back and forth between Mike and me. When he and Jenny arrived at our house nine days ago, Mike finally got his first look at the job he was about to tackle. What we are actually trying to do is to turn two rooms into three. Two spaces that once […]

Makeover or Overhaul

When our family moved into this old house in 2004, one of the bathrooms was a mess. We have been dreaming of gutting it for years. The time has come. Ray and I enjoy meeting other folks who serve homeschooling families and who travel to one homeschool convention after another each spring and summer. Last summer […]