Sometimes mamas at home feel as if their entire days are filled with thankless tasks, tasks that no one notices and ones that no one would think was important even if they did notice. Actually, Someone is noticing. . . . your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you. Matthew 6:18 Therefore, my beloved […]

Teaching, Truth, and Humility

On a recent Sunday, our minister gave a lesson about what Proverbs teaches parents to teach their children. However, he also encouraged all Christian adults in the assembly to teach these things to all of the children who are under their influence. He is right that Christian adults need to influence the children in their sphere […]

A Fresh Look at Socialization

On a recent Saturday night Ray and I visited friends we have known for more than twenty years (I’ll call them Matt and Tina). Their younger daughter (I’ll call her Jenny) is active in a vibrant campus ministry at our local college. Their older daughter (I’ll call her Molly) just graduated from a Christian college. Molly and her husband (who works […]