You Look Well to the Ways of Your Household

In 1892 twelve-year-old Catherine Evans of tiny Reo, Georgia, saw a family heirloom bedspread while visiting a relative. She thought that the bedspread, handmade by candlewicking, was so beautiful that she decided she would make one some day. Three years later, she did. However, Catherine invented her own variation of candlewicking. Her method came to be called tufting. Catherine […]

Love, War, and General William Tecumseh Sherman

Stilesboro, Georgia, home of the Stilesboro Chrysanthemum Show, is in Bartow County, Georgia. During the Civil War, General William Tecumseh Sherman and his troops came through Bartow County on their way to burn Atlanta and then burn a swath of Georgia on their March to the Sea. Before the war, Sherman was a student at West […]

Georgia Ladies Who Honor Their Mamas and Grandmamas 2

Welcoming us to the 105th Annual Stilesboro Chrysanthemum Show were the members of the Stilesboro Improvement Club. Each year the ladies raise funds by providing lunch in one of the two Stilesboro Academy classrooms, dubbed the Tea Room for the day. We entered the tea room through this giant door. Ray is almost six feet tall! […]

Georgia Ladies Who Honor Their Mamas and Grandmamas

Ray and I recently spent a weekend with our daughter Bethany and her family. They love to take us to little Georgia towns and we love to visit them — the towns and her family. The jewel Bethany found this time was the 105th Annual Stilesboro Chrysanthemum Show. The setting for the show is Stilesboro Academy, built in […]

Eleanor Roosevelt and The Poky Little Puppy

On our way home from Canada in August, Ray and I did what we enjoy so much — we stopped at historic sites on the way back home. One of our stops was the home of President Franklin Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York, and the nearby home of his wife Eleanor. When Roosevelt died, his […]