Dressed in White

On Friday evening we gathered for a white ball in Boucherville. I never did figure out any other significance of everyone wearing white other than it being very special. This is what the invitation said (with punctuation and capitalization copied exactly): “All the population is invited to a great celebration, to which the participants are invited, DRESSED IN WHITE.” […]

Don’t Forget

When the Israelites got ready to cross the Jordan River to go into the Promised Land, God parted its waters, just as He had parted the Red Sea. The Israelites walked across and the ark of the covenant was carried across on dry ground. God told the Israelites to collect twelve stones out of the […]

The Singing Grandmother

Sometimes — but not so often as to be annoying — we found ourselves clueless in Boucherville. We were clueless at those times because we were listening to someone speaking in French. A French speaker told me the other day that it takes longer to say things in French than it does in English. With a smile on my […]

Making a Child Feel Important and Special

After our trip to the museum on Wednesday, Ray and I enjoyed a taxi ride from Montreal on the northern bank of the St. Lawrence River to Boucherville on the south side of the river. Traveling with us were Dan, another Pierre Boucher descendant from Phoenix, and his wife Kathy. Our driver dropped us off at Eglise […]