Simple Blessings

Suzanne has never married. She lives alone and works twelve hour shifts at the nursing home. Suzanne (not her real name) encourages me every time I see her at church. I can always count on a hug and a big smile. Sometimes she laughs and tells me funny stories from the nursing home. She had a […]

When Other People Don’t Treat All Your Kids the Same

I recently wrote about the role that a mama plays in helping each of her children sparkle, noting that some children sparkle because they have gifts that just about everyone applauds while other children’s sparkles aren’t as obvious. People outside of a family often treat the easy sparklers differently from the way they treat those who don’t sparkle as readily. Sparkle differences […]

One Man’s Mama and Another Man’s Wife

A few weeks ago Mary Evelyn directed our church’s children’s outreach class in a Christmas play. One little boy whom I’ll call Sammie had acted up in practice. This continued on the night of the performance, while the costumed children waited in a classroom for the time when the play was to begin. Sammie informed us emphatically that he was NOT […]

“He remembers his raisin’!”

On Saturday Ray, Mother, and I drove to our local high school for our town’s annual concert by award-winning bluegrass artists Dailey and Vincent. They played at Carnegie Hall a few weeks ago, but on Saturday they were slated to play in the gym. I have written about Dailey and Vincent twice before, once when they did […]

Remembering Our First Impressions

Think back to your first impressions about your husband — long before he was your husband. What characteristics made you think, “Hmmm. This guy is special. I want to know more.” Three traits stood out to me while I was getting to know Ray: his interest in spiritual things, his intellect, and his humor. Ray is a […]