Precious and New

God gave our family a precious gift late this past Monday night when Peter Lawrence McCurdy was born to our daughter Mary Evelyn and her husband Nate. On Wednesday I took a picture to church to show the children in the outreach class. They clamored to get a close look and were thrilled to see their […]

We can’t lose for winning!

Yesterday morning a few stitches on a brand new garment came undone, making it unwearable. In my often late but rarely early mode, I was a bit frustrated at first. A saying I heard often during my childhood popped into my head completely uninvited: “I can’t win for losing.” I hate defeatist thinking because it is debilitating […]

Early or Late?

I’d love to be sitting on a porch swing, drinking a glass of kombucha when guests arrive at our house, but I am much more likely — something like 99.99% more likely — to be finishing something up in the kitchen, giving the bathroom sink a swipe, or taking an armload of something upstairs. Actually, I am […]