Swimming Against the Flow

“You shall not follow the masses in doing evil.” Thus our loving Father taught His children in Exodus 23:2. Parents have taught their children that lesson for generations. Sometimes it’s easier for us parents to see the application of this teaching in the lives of our children, and especially our teenagers, than in ourselves. Truth is: adults are […]

Thankful, Prayerful Hearts

Ray and I arrived back home last night after being in Winston-Salem for the North Carolinians for Home Education convention. With us for the convention was Conner, the newest member of the Notgrass Company team. Conner is a homeshool graduate and a nursing student at nearby Tennessee Tech. We are excited to have him with us during […]

A Renewed Friendship

The 1800 election campaign to determine who would become President after George Washington was a bitter one between two former friends, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. John Adams was so hurt by what happened that he left the President’s House early on Jefferson’s inauguration day without even seeing his former friend succeed him as President. When […]