Childish Ways

As I stood in front of a display of 50%-off jewelry supplies at Hobby Lobby recently, I heard a little boy voice say, “Excuse me.” I turned and saw the little six- or seven-year-old fellow for the first time. He was nowhere close enough to be bothering me at all. His dad and I were both surprised at his […]

In the Eye of the Beholder

On a recent afternoon, our three-year-old grandson asked me if he could fix my hair. Of course, I said, “Yes.” I sat down and he climbed up behind me with his big sister’s hair stuff bin. He told me it was going to be, “pretty, pretty, pretty” and handed me a mirror a couple of times so I could see […]

The answer is, “Yes!”

Advice on how to say no is often extremely helpful. I know I could use a good dose of that advice myself. Still, my favorite answer is, “Yes!” One of our children teased me recently, saying that my answer to our grandchildren is always “yes.” I smiled, laughed, and defended myself, while thinking in my heart, “My answer […]

Debate, Prayer, and the Power of God

I signed up for one — just one — political email list and now my inbox is flooded with emails from various groups. Notgrass History never shares our email lists with anybody, but that certainly isn’t true of everybody! Whew! The other day I got a long survey. I scrolled down past question after question […]


After Lorraine’s funeral, Ray and I joined her family and close friends for a meal at her beautiful home. When we walked into the kitchen, there was Sarah. She hated to miss the funeral, she said, but had decided to stay at the house to get everything ready for the meal. “I was doing what […]